SEPT. 9-22


You’ve taken the first step toward helping your colleagues become healthier and happier this summer.


  1. REGISTER YOUR TEAM BY AUGUST 23: Visit our team registration page.

  2. INVITE TEAMMATES: After registering your team, you will then immediately receive a confirmation email containing a link that can be used to invite employees, friends, and family. 

  3. ENSURE TEAMMATES COMPLETE REGISTRATION BY SEPTEMBER 5: Make sure that all teammates (including you) complete the individual registration form.

  4. ACCEPT FITBIT INVITE: All individuals that register (including you) will receive an invite from Fitbit. But here is where it can get a bit confusing. The invite can come via email from Fitbit or through the Fitbit app. If an invitation is not received, the individual must log in to www.fitbit.com and accept their invitation. Follow this step-by-step guide to accept your invitation.

    No Fitbit? No problem! There are other ways to track your steps, learn more by downloading the guide below.


The team with the highest number of average steps gets a healthy lunch for up to 50 people (a $500 value) and a $500 donation made to your local Ronald McDonald House or school garden.



  • TEAM REGISTRATION: Friday, August 23
  • INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: Thursday, September 5
  • CHALLENGE DATES: September 9-22
  • AWARDS ANNOUNCED: Tuesday, September 24



Q. Who's eligible to participate in the Step It Up Challenge? 

A. It's open to all Health Action Council Members, Supporters, Sponsors, Community Partners, and Friends at no charge. 

Q. I don’t have a Fitbit, so am I allowed to participate? 

A. Yes, you can use a different device to track your steps, however, you’ll need to enter your steps manually on the Fitbit App or website. 

Q. How do I create a Fitbit account? 

A. Follow this helpful guide on how to get started with our challenge! 

Q. How do I know if I registered properly? 

A. You will receive an automated email from us confirming that you’re registered and that you're ready to go! 

Q. I registered to join my team, but haven’t received an invite on my Fitbit App? 

A. Check out this guide on how to accept an invitation.  

Q. How do I manually log my steps? 

A. Visit the Fitbit website to track your steps. If using a mobile device, simply press the + symbol and tap “Track Exercise."

Q. How do I join the Facebook Group page? 

A. Search “HAC Step It Up Challenge” or request an invite.

Q. I have 10,000 steps every day, but my team's score is lower than that. Why? 

A. Your team score is an average for the two weeks of the Challenge across your whole team, so there are some members of your team not walking as much as you! 

Q. My Fitbit isn’t syncing to my app. 

A. Please tweet or chat with Fitbit technical support, or call (877) 623-4997. 

Q. Will Fitbit automatically convert other activities to steps? 

A. With the exception of a run, walk, and hike, activities are not converted into steps. You'll have to manually add your activity.

Q. I accepted the invite, but don’t see the Challenge. 

A. The Challenge will not be visible to participants until it’s officially launched a few days prior to the start date. 


ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Contact dcalvert@healthactioncouncil.org.