Insights on How to Effectively Manage Your Healthcare Spend 

More than 178 million Americans have employer-sponsored health insurance with employers and individuals paying the lion's share of healthcare. 


As medical price increases continue to far outpace inflation and the consumer price index (CPI), organizations are led on a wild goose chase to combat medical-related inflation.

Instead of jumping from one point solution to another every year, consider taking a step back and creating a healthcare strategic plan.

Learn how by downloading our all-new Insights to Effectively Manage Your Healthcare Spend.



  • Focus on Leading Indicators. Dig into your diagnoses and claims
  • Quality Matters More Than Discounts. Focus on the net cost rather than discounts
  • Location, Location, Location. Where your plan participants live does matter
  • Focus on Health Literacy. Help employees fully understand their responsibility in managing their own health.

Medical price increases have far outpaced inflation and the CPI.


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Health Action Council Health Action Council also collaborates with key stakeholders – health plans, physicians, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry – to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare in the community.